No matter your industry or company size, we’ve all been impacted by the sudden & widespread COVID-19 crisis. 

Most of our sales teams now work from home, and sales management has been tasked with ensuring their teams feel as safe & secure as possible, while still working effectively towards their individual & departmental goals. As a sales manager, how can you “lead with empathy”, while keeping your teams motivated and productive?

To better understand these challenges, we’ve invited Tamara McMillen, former Director of Sales at Virgin Media Business, Chris Duddridge, Managing Director UK & Ireland at UiPath4, and David Oates, Chief Revenue Officer at Proda, to share their success stories, challenges, and leadership ideas for successful sales management in the current environment.

Sales Leaders: How to Effectively Manage your Team Amidst the Crisis


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What You'll Learn

  • Tips & tricks to keep your sales teams motivated with individual & departmental recognition and rewards
  • How to coach your customer-facing teams to listen, and communicate back, the impact of COVID-19 on current customers and prospects (and what to do with that info)
  • How to adjust your old & stale messaging (while employing empathy & avoiding “FUD”)
  • The potential, longer-lasting, impacts on the post-COVID sales world (what to look forward to, and watch out for)

Meet The Speakers

David Oates

Chief Revenue Officer


Tamara McMillen

former Director Sales

Virgin Media Business

Chris Duddridge

Managing Director UK & Ireland


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