Master the Transition to Digital Selling


For the past several years, companies have embarked on a digital transformation. Sales teams are on this journey as well, with many teams adopting new technologies and embracing more modern tactics to connect with buyers and build relationships at scale. 

Coronavirus has only accelerated this trend, with sellers now forced to replace traditional in-person meetings and events with virtual engagement.

In this webinar replay, we were joined by Alyssa Merwin, VP, LinkedIn Sales Solutions Americas, to learn about the key learnings derived from the past few months - including best practices in how to engage buyers virtually throughout the deal cycle, and how to empower and upskill reps to be successful in this new way of selling.

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What You'll Learn

  • How top sellers are adapting to virtual selling and the tactics they’re using to engage buyers
  • Understand the current sales environment and how customer needs and decision processes are changing
  • Importance of building a resilient sales team that can pivot & stay nimble
  • Why it's crucial to double-down and deepen your existing customer relationships

Meet The Speakers

Alyssa Merwin

Scott Barker


LinkedIn Sales Solutions Americas

Head of Partnerships

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