In sales, focus often tends to drift to areas that are easiest for particular teams or individuals. Reps spend their time with “easy” customers or just closing deals instead of adding new ones to the pipeline. 

Even the best sales teams can get addicted to the rush of chasing new accounts and leave money on the table when dealing with existing customers. 

Watch this webinar replay with Timo Rein of Pipedrive as he walks you through the processes  that will help maintain focus throughout every aspect of the sales process, rather than just the easy parts -- leading to the development of robust and reliable sales strategies based on actions that drive deals to close. 

Mastering the Sales Pipeline


How Clarity and Focus Breed Success

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What you'll learn

  • How to achieve visibility into your sales results, your sales pipeline, and what other team members are doing
  • How to ensure that no deals are forgotten or falling through the cracks
  • How to increase sales productivity by shifting the focus to actions that breed results
  • How to store your customer and deal information in one easily accessible and safe place. Say goodbye to notebooks, napkins and bad memories.
  • How to forecast results with confidence, leading you to develop better sales strategies.

President and Co-Founder at Pipedrive

Meet the Speakers

Timo Rein

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO of Sales Hacker

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