How Autodesk, TELUS and Upland Maximize Sales Revenue


Analysts estimate that now 70-80% of the average company’s annual revenue is coming from existing customers. The next revenue push for growth will come from understanding and nurturing prospect and customer relationships to uncover new potential.

Traditional approaches are not enough to win. 

People, Problems and Potential are the 3 pillars to sales’ revenue growth in 2021.

In this recording, Adrienne Walker, Director, Sales & Success Effectiveness at Autodesk, Paul Bleier, Director Sales Enablement at TELUS, and Richard Scheig, Chief Revenue Officer at Upland Software, joined us to talk about putting customers first for mutually beneficial value, how to do it at scale, and what your sales team can do to grow revenue.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why customer first companies put the focus on relationships to drive mutual value
  • How Autodesk, TELUS and Upland focus on the people and their problems in target accounts to drive revenue
  • Why revenue growth is always in the whitespace and what your sales team can do about it

Meet The Speakers

Adrienne Walker

Paul Bleier

Richard Scheig

Scott Barker

Director, Sales & Success Effectiveness


Director, Sales Enablement


Chief Revenue Officer

Upland Software

Head of Partnerships

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