These days, it seems like every sales publication has *at least* one article about “culture”, but what does “building a culture” actually mean? Better yet, how can a busy, stretched-thin sales manager in a high-pressure environment create and shift culture while still making sure everyone hits the big numbers?

Successful, modern sales leaders have figured out that “building a culture” really means measurable coaching programs, team-wide visibility, strategic competitions and celebrating wins are a highly-valued centerpiece of their organizations. Not-so-coincidentally, these managers are leading the pack when it comes to building a healthy pipeline, consistently hitting numbers and reducing employee churn while also increasing quota attainment.

From Coaching To KPIs: How Metric-Driven Sales Teams Create Winning Cultures


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What You'll Learn

  • Tips for using real-time data to increase the effectiveness of 1:1s
  • Techniques for training new team members to increase time to value
  • The best contests to ignite the competitive spirit on sales floor
  • KPIs that every sales leader should be tracking to repeatedly hit and exceed revenue targets 

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnership

Sales Hacker

Brian Trautschold



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