Sales coaching is nothing new. The prevailing sales coaching models have been with us for decades, predating CRM's explosion and management's intense focus on sales process. Now we need modern sales coaching frameworks that are CRM-enabled and forge links between 21st century data, activities, and results. Join best-selling author and researcher Jason Jordan as he shares how coaching has evolved in the age of CRM.

Hear real-world examples of how analytic tasks like pipeline management, forecasting, and performance assessment have been integrated into powerful training programs. Leave this session with new ideas to resuscitate and invigorate sales coaching in your organization.

Modern Sales Coaching in 2018:

Goodbye Fluff, Hello Processes


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What You'll Learn

  • How leading companies enable data-driven decision making by their sales forces
  • How to isolate the sales activities where coaching will make the biggest impact
  • How to create clear linkages between sales coaching, CRM data, and those daily activities
  • How to transition from performance gap coaching (like the GROW or GAINS model) to process coaching that enables consistent execution
  • How to integrate CRM and other enabling technologies into traditional skill-based coaching

Meet The Speakers

Gaetano DiNardi

VP of Marketing

Sales Hacker

Jason Jordan


Vantage Point Performance

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