The Modern Sales Process: 

How AI Is Transforming How We Sell [EBOOK]

From a car and a landline 40 years ago to big data analysis and automated outreach today, the way we sell on the modern landscape has transformed dramatically. But is your sales team taking advantage of the improvements in AI?

This is FREE ebook gives you a practical guide on how you can set up AI-based workflows for three crucial elements of your sales process — sales forecasting, coaching, and pipeline management


What's Inside?

  • How AI can remove the guesswork out of your sales forecasting
  • Identifying sales performance gaps and converting them into coaching opportunities
  • Why AI can shorten your sales cycles by stepping up your pipeline management
  • Expert problem-solution guide based on the top three challenges sales managers face

About Datahug

Datahug is a collaborative forecasting and pipeline management solution, built in CRM. They enable sales teams to increase sales velocity and reduce pipeline risk. Datahug’s solution gives sales managers deep visibility into the sales pipeline while reducing the burden on salespeople to update their CRM.