The Truth About Sales Incentives That Nobody Talks About


Companies spend tons of money to incentivize salespeople. And the results are often underwhelming. Because these programs tend to miss the mark across 3 major areas: the rules, the communication strategy, and the types of incentives used.

In this replay, we covered each of these problem areas and gave tools to build an incentive program that motivates sellers to perform and drives the results you’re looking for.

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What You'll Learn

  • Key considerations to help you think through your incentive program rules
  • How to communicate your program and drive engagement
  • Why experiential rewards are more impactful than the status quo
  • Examples of how other companies are structuring their incentive programs

Meet The Speakers

Jon Irvine

Lacy Mile

Taylor Jones

Dave Kennett

Head of Business Development


Director of Sales


Sales Leader


Founder & CEO


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