How to Really Motivate Your Sales

Team in 2021


Say it with us:

Boring 👏 spiffs 👏 and 👏 contests 👏 do 👏 not 👏 motivate 👏 my 👏 sales 👏 team.

Whew. The first step is admitting you’ve got a motivation problem. The second step is seeing that without motivation, you can’t build a high-performing culture.

So what should you do about it?

We’ve rounded up an awesome panel of sales leaders who spend their time unlocking the secrets to sales team motivation. And yeah, they’ve come up with super cool incentive programs... but they also know that high-performing sales teams require more than that. Check this replay and get answers to your toughest questions about culture and motivation!

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What You'll Learn

  • Why most incentive programs fail to motivate sellers
  • What 2020 taught us about motivation (and what will never change)
  • How to create a culture that is inherently motivating

Meet The Speakers

Chris Walker

Jenna Donohue

Ashley Kelly Mealy

Scott Barker

Executive Vice President


Sales Manager for Emerging Segment


Sr. Director of Sales Development


Head of Partnerships

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