The New Age of Rep Success:

What is Making Your Reps Successful Today, and How to Repeat It


Sales organizations are tracking data constantly. Whether it’s rep activity or where opportunities sit in the funnel, often sales leaders are tracking so much data in so many systems that they don’t know what or how to make the data actionable.

Do you start at the call recording, or at your CRM? Are reps on message or do they need more training and coaching? 

Understanding what skills and competencies your team needs, and when is one of the most important things a sales enablement team and sales manager can do. It leads to understanding how to make your reps successful, and what you need to do to replicate that success.

Brainshark’s Julie Greenfield joined us to identify what metrics you should *actually* be tracking, how to use leading indicators to catch a rep falling behind, and reverse it, and how to train and coach your reps for the long haul.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to identify the metrics to track to be successful
  • Real Sales training coaching tactics that help your reps understand how to leverage data
  • Using leading indicators to fill skill gaps before a rep is behind on their quota
  • How to reduce churn by enabling your teams effectively

Meet The Speakers

Julie Greenfield

Katie Ray

Sales Enablement 

Readiness Director


Community Engagement Manager

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