There's not greater tension between sales and marketing then when it comes to executing an event strategy. Marketing does the heavy lifting and the pre-planning, and sales is there to execute and prove that ROI. Turns out, there's a smarter way to approach events, and to actually make them work for you. It all comes down to alignment among your revenue team among a common goal or initiative.

In this webinar,'s new VP of Sales, Joe Caprio, and VP of Sales at Outreach, Mark Kosoglow, will discuss different approaches to event strategies, offering tips and tricks to work smarter, faster, together. From pre-show planning, to offsite side events, to post-show follow-up, come hear how these two sales leaders view taking your inside team to the outside. 

Where's The ROI on Events?


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It Starts With This Event Strategy Template

What You'll Learn

  • How to turn events into a smart strategy rather than a burden
  • How to align sales, marketing and customer success around a single well-executed event goal
  • What does measuring ROI on an event look like?
  • Different ways and tactics to stand out from the floor

Meet The Speakers

Mark Kosoglow

VP of Sales


Richard Harris

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services Sales Hacker

Joe Caprio

VP of Sales

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