Personalization v. Tailoring: Why Personalization Fails & Tailoring Doesn’t

If someone told you that adding your prospect’s logo to your sales deck creates lift, would you believe them? Of course you would — everyone loves a personal touch. 

But truthfully, in today’s competitive world, personalization is table stakes at best. 

What creates a real difference is tailoring — altering the very language of your sales pitch to match a prospect’s profile.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to orient discovery questions to make tailoring easy
  • What makes for tactful tailoring vs what is overboard
  • Why tailoring makes a lion’s difference in champion-led sales
  • How do you ensure a tailored pitch reaches the right stakeholder

Meet The Speakers

Carol Malakasis

Rajiv Nathan

Mathew Pregasen

Managing Partner



Startup Hypeman

CEO & Co-Founder


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