How to Personalize at Scale


After another 12 hour day of prospecting on October 1, 2015, I laid on the floor of my studio in downtown SF, stared at the ceiling for about an hour, and asked myself 3 questions that would forever change the trajectory of my career in Sales Development:

          1. Is sending “boilerplate” templates getting me the results that I want?

          2. Do I typically respond to emails with no personalization?

          3. Do I think my prospects are different than me?

Left with the reality that the answers to questions 1 - 3 were all a “No”, I began to play out if I WERE to pivot my team from a “volume strategy” to “all tailored - all the time strategy”, what would the top 3 objections from my leadership be?

After two diet energy drinks and a call to my mentor, I narrowed the list to three:

          1. “Is 100% tailored messaging scalable?”

          2. “Isn’t it dangerous to let SDRs who are junior to their career go ‘off-script’?” AND

          3. “How will we maintain consistency from rep to rep from an Ops perspective?”

In this webinar, G2's RVP of Business Development - Enterprise West, Becc Holland, unpacked the messaging structure that answers those tough questions, enables SDRs to make personalized messaging scalable & repeatable, and drastically improved SD quota-attainment as a result.

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What You'll Learn

  • What Should SDRs Personalize on?
  • How to Construct 100% Tailored Messaging without Losing Consistency
  • How to Scale Personalized Emails & Calls by balancing “Volume” and “Quality”

Meet The Speakers

Becc Holland

Scott Barker

Regional VP of Business Development - Enterprise West


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