Annual quotas are around the corner and salespeople are gearing up for the final weeks of the year. Some of you are facing significant pressure to close deals in a hurry. Some of you may even be on track. Either way, have you stopped to think about 2017?

Start working smarter now to maximize the results of the hard work you’re going to put in next year. And the only way you’ll be able to work smarter is if you ask the right questions to find out where you could have done better and how you can improve.

Watch the webinar replay – whether you’re on track or have fallen behind – and let Pipedrive co-founder and CEO, Timo Rein, show you how to plot the best path to success in time for January’s sales kickoff.

Dominate 2017 by Owning Your Wins and Losses


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What you'll learn

  • What salespeople should be focusing on with one month to go
  • The two questions every sales manager should ask when the team’s behind
  • How often you should measure and reset sales targets, and the value of doing so
  • Advance steps you can take before January – if you have the luxury of time

Co-Founder & CEO Pipedrive

Meet the Speakers

Timo Rein

Founder & CEO

Sales Hacker

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