Sales pipeline reporting and review is torture for most in sales management and operations roles. Don’t get stuck using an old-school approach based on just CRM data.

What if you could master your pipeline like a data scientist with very little skill required? There are three requirements needed to master your pipeline – minimum-viable data, the right questions (modern metrics) to ask of the data, and some hypotheses to test with the answers.

In this webinar, Piyush Saggi, CEO of SalesTing, will show you best practices for pipeline management to increase win rates, drive revenue, and accelerate growth.

Piyush Saggi was an enterprise seller at Microsoft for ten years. After losing 40% of his sales life to mind-numbing pipeline review meetings and reports, he decided he could enlist data science to make a difference in the lives of sales teams. He’s currently the CEO of SalesTing.

Pipeline Management Best Practices for 3X More Wins


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What You'll Learn

  • How to manage your pipeline to increase win rates by 3x and reduce review hours
  • How to quantitatively identify win/loss recipes
  • How to get a minimum-viable dataset without asking sellers to do anything different
  • How to align sales and marketing using pipeline data

Meet The Speakers



Piyush Saggi

Richard Harris

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services

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