It’s pretty obvious that we’ve entered into a new territory of selling. A lot of sales teams are charting unknown territory (being in the midst of a pandemic & all). 

The sales team at PandaDoc is no different. Yet, somehow, they recently recorded their best month ever

Nate Gilmore, PandaDoc’s CRO, tinkered, toiled, and eventually pivoted their sales strategy (in only 3 steps). Things moved pretty quickly from there. 

In this webinar replay, Nate walked us through that exact 3-step process, so we can pivot our sales strategy too (and hit our number in no time).

Nobody Buying? 3 Data-Backed Steps to Pivot Your Sales Strategy


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What You'll Learn

  • A 3-step sales strategy pivot to increase your number of deals and close rate
  • How to discover new markets (& personas) that your product/service can serve
  • Tips & tricks to work with Product to create new offerings to sell
  • How to adapt your training (and get buy-in from your team) for your new strategy

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Nate Gilmore



Jim Donovan

VP Sales


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