The Problem with Pain-Point Selling


Let me tell you a little secret about pain-point selling.

It’s downright DAMAGING to your pipeline.

Becc Holland joined us again at Sales Hacker with a masterclass on ditching pain-point selling and rocking your conversion rate by focusing on prospect problems.

You'll learn:

  • The difference between pain & problem for your prospects. 
  • How pain-point selling hurts your prospects, your conversions, and your career.
  • 11 problems you’ll typically encounter in cold-calls and on the sales floor.
  • 13 solution-oriented questions to ask prospects & sell more as a result.

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Meet Becc Holland

"Hiring the right people is just as important as developing them."

Becc Holland is the CEO and Founder of Flip the Script, free sales training by the people, for the people.

Prior to founding Flip the Script, Becc held positions at companies such as, G2,, and

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