Very few teams have an easy time calling the number, let alone actually hitting it … or beating it. At the core, many teams struggle to execute in several areas during the critical opportunity-to-close process, including forecasting, which is far more than just rolling up a number. It’s an integrated effort that involves every member of the sales organization - from the reps to the frontline managers all the way to the sales executives - confidently projecting where they are going to land -- and then consistently executing to achieve their targets.

Listen in to a dynamic discussion among 3 heads of sales of fast growing organizations, laying out their secrets to success and how they drive forecast accuracy and the sales process rigor required to scale and hit their revenue goals quarter after quarter.

Three Proven Strategies Top Sales Execs Use To Crush Their Number


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What You'll Learn

  • How to drive visibility into the true health of the pipeline
  • How to change the conversation and drive accountability
  • What you might be leaving on the table that can transform your forecasting
  • Why your spreadsheets simply aren’t cutting it

Meet The Speakers

Pamela Gavlick

Richard Harris

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services

Sales Hacker

VP of Sales, US Strategic Verticals

Juniper Networks

Mike Gilley

Greg Holmes

Head of Sales

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Area Vice President


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