A ~15 sec. Process to Qualify Your “Inbound Leads” (& How to Comp your SDRs to Drive the Results You Crave)


Close your eyes (after reading this, of course) and imagine this: your marketing team is killing it. Website traffic is soaring. Podcast listens, newsletter subs, and whitepaper downloads are through-the-roof. 

Your reps are suddenly slammed with a pile of inbound calls, demo-requests, and hot MQLs that need a “human-touch. How do they separate the wheat from chaff & efficiently prioritize their workflow? 

Without an efficient process to manage your robust inbound lead pipeline, your reps will waste endless sums of time & money chasing unqualified leads & “tire-kickers” (while your piping hot leads fall through the cracks). 

In this webinar, Becc Holland, Head of Sales Development at Chorus.ai, and Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker, shared to us the ~15 second process proven to qualify inbound leads at record-speed (and, as a bonus, how you can compensate your inbound reps to get the results you crave).

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What You'll Learn

  • A 15-second process to weed out unqualified inbound leads & “tire-kickers”
  • How to identify “sales-ready” leads & move unqualified leads to the “back of your radar”
  • Why defining your ideal customer profile (ICP) is critical (and how to do it the RIGHT way)
  • How to select the right variable performance measures & calculate OTE for your inbound reps

Meet The Speakers

Becc Holland

Scott Barker

Head of Sales Development

Head of Partnerships
Sales Hacker

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