Speed to Lead: How to Ramp SDRs Quickly and Effectively

The worst thing you can do when training your SDRs is assuming your new hire is going to retain all the info from week one. 

Instead, the key to “speed to lead” is creating a diverse and interactive training program to support them as they ramp. 

In this replay, three SDR managers talked all things enablement, coaching and motivation—and how to get SDRs up to speed!

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What You'll Learn

  • Hiring: should you go after fresh grads or second jobbers?
  • Tech stack: what do you need in place?
  • Targets: to retain high performers, show them their targets can be hit through social proof from peers.
  • Culture: Allow reps to fail and learn. Don’t be afraid to get them on the phones in the first week.

Meet The Speakers

Molly Grossman

Sam Schooley

Patrick Connolly

Manager of Sales Development


SDR Manager


Head of US Sales Development


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