Real Examples of Legendary Enablement Plays You've Never Seen

How do top sales orgs enable their sellers and grow their revenue at scale? 

Learn the strategies and tools that Outreach, Honeycomb, and BrightTalk are employing for legendary results. 

In this replay, we unveiled how to use real-time enablement and sales engagement & intelligence tools to optimize your sales cycle and create alignment across the revenue org.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to build the same rapport you have with clients IRL, in a remote environment
  • Enabling sellers to be more accurate when responding to clients in the moment
  • Helping sellers understand their own performance on a call
  • Giving sellers the tools they need to remove mundane activities and sell better

Meet The Speakers

Michael Wilde

Joseph Hornagold

Shay Keeler

Mohammed Kiswani

Account Executive


Global Commercial Onboarding & Enablement


Sales Manager


Account Executive


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