Workshop: Breaking Down a Real Outbound Prospecting Sequence


With 2020 hitting the market hard, many sales leaders are facing less staff & resources while still being expected to hit (or exceed) quota. 

With our customers facing similar squeezes, tried and true outbound tactics are falling flat, leaving us all scrambling to find that extra gear in our outbound sequences….TODAY!

In this webinar replay, Jeff Swan, Chief Playmaker at RevUp Sales, demonstrated how to think critically about your sales messaging & sequences, so you can find an extra gear and book more meetings, while your competitors continue to fall flat with outdated (or worse, irrelevant) sales plays.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to assess your sequences for improvements & growth opportunities
  • 5 common messaging mistakes used by (most) sales reps and SDRs
  • 10 best practices for creating killer sales scripts, emails, and social messages
  • A 5-step framework for developing quota-smashing sales sequences

Meet The Speakers

Jeff Swan

Cierra Bedelyon

Alexander Willeford

Founder & Chief Playmaker

RevUp Sales

Sales Development


Growth Associate

Sales Hacker

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