Our attendees had rave reviews for this talk at Unleash 19, so we’re excited to bring it back for an encore session.

A new era for outbound is upon us. The explosion of raw data and tools allow for new possibilities in the world of data driven scale. This session featured Dogpatch Advisors, who walked us through a new model for outbound called “Outbound Ops”. They shared ideas from their top-rated Unleash 19 talk for how to scale using custom data and how to use “visual prospecting” to tell better stories. They gave insights for how to create a clearinghouse in your organization to manage, normalize and stage outbound data to empower your SDRs and AEs. 

The session also include outbound playbook examples from the world’s fastest growing companies.

Best of Unleash: Relevance at Scale

and Outbound Ops with Dogpatch


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What You'll Learn

  • How to build next generation outbound at your company
  • How to expand your playbook to include “visual prospecting” plays
  • How to design a data pipeline to power a modern outbound playbook

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Kyle Williams


Dogpatch Advisors

Ben Salzman


Dogpatch Advisors

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