[How To] 10x Your Sales Efficiency: Get “Under the Hood” of Your Revenue Engine


Implementing a wildly-successful GTM strategy is an iterative process. It can take YEARS of intentional learning to nail your market(s), ideal customer(s), distribution channel(s), and sales messaging. 

As a sales manager or ops leader who wants to contribute to your company’s growth, how can you pinpoint what (or who) is contributing to your sales success or lack thereof, so that you can avoid burning endless amounts of cash and time? 

Accurate, reliable, and trustworthy sales reporting is your proverbial “North Star”.

You’ve got sales questions. Register today to learn how to get “under the hood” of your revenue engine, to generate accurate & reliable answers. 

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What You'll Learn

  • The process to ensure reps are feeding your CRM with reliable data, 100% of the time
  • How to measure pipeline conversion rates the RIGHT way (using cohort analysis) 
  • Why you’re wasting your time with on-demand, ad-hoc report building (and what to do instead)
  • Report examples “from the wild” (spy on the reports your competitors are using)

Meet The Speakers

Taft Love

Colin Campbell

VP Sales


Director of Marketing

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