New Survey Results Reveal How Sales & Marketing Alignment Actually Works In Practice


Macaroni and cheese. Bacon and eggs. Sales and marketing. 

All of them should make the perfect team. But somewhere along the line, sales and marketing teams developed deep-rooted differences that need resolution. As organizations grow, this rift widens as the two teams act like two different organizations that plan, execute, and optimize two separate processes for the same buyer.

To develop a deeper understanding, we interviewed 1200+ global sales and marketing professionals - the largest-ever survey on sales and marketing alignment. 

In this replay, Stephen Pacinelli, Chief Marketing Officer at BombBomb and Brogan Taylor, Head of Enterprise Sales at Freshworks, discussed the findings and shared tactical ways to align the two in order to drive revenue and collaboration.

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What You'll Learn

  • How alignment impacts organizational growth
  • How sales and marketing leaders currently perceive each other and their impact from each other’s KPIs and metrics
  • What this information means on a tactical level and how to put it into practice

Meet The Speakers

Brogan Taylor

Stephen Pacinelli

Katie Ray

Head of Enterprise Sales


Chief Marketing Officer


Community Engagement Manager

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