From Silo to Power Trio: Turn Sales, Marketing and Ops Into a Revenue Machine


What do you get when a CRO, COO and CMO walk into a Zoom room?

Anna Baird (Outreach), Christine Rogers (Aspireship), and Kyle Lacy (Lessonly) joined us to talk about turning sales, marketing and RevOps into a power trio instead of siloed departments. 

These three revenue leaders shared everything from lead flow alignment to territory planning — and how to keep the buyer experience at the forefront. 

Check this recording to learn what you need in place to start the alignment process — and how you can implement these strategies today. 

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What You'll Learn

  • What areas to align these departments
  • Why you need to create alignment
  • How to implement these ideas today

Meet The Speakers

Christine Rogers

Anna Baird

Kyle Lacy

Colin Campbell

President and COO





Director of Marketing

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