Revenue Operator Heroes of the Roundtable

November 16th, 2022 2-3P ET / 11-12P PT

Fractional RevOps Leader & Founder

Activate the Magic


Iceberg RevOps

VP, Revenue Operations & Enablement

Maven Clinic

Sr. Consultant

Cortado Group

SVP Strategy

Sapper Consulting

RevOps Roundtable

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Month-on-month and quarter-on-quarter, the job to be done for anyone in the RevOps world gets harder and harder. 

With less predictability than ever before, it has become seemingly impossible to accurately forecast, analyze sequence strategy, manage pipeline & review deals efficiently. 

We’re here to solve that problem. Outreach and Sales Hacker will be hosting their very first virtual roundtable, especially for Revenue Operators! 

We'll be joined by some of the top thought-leaders & professionals in this space: Jacki Leahy, Taft Love, Anne Pao, Krystal Diel, and TJ Macke.

We'll be chatting about:

  • The challenges you face in your role daily 
  • Hear from Revenue Operator Heroes on how they tackle these issues
  • Actionable insights you can take to your organization to improve efficiency

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