How To Align Marketing And Sales For Better Demand Generation

Marketing and sales. Inbound and outbound.

These worlds are coming closer and closer together with all of the new Sales and Marketing Technologies in B2B Tech. The buyers journey has changed and it is more important then ever for your Sales and Marketing teams to be better aligned to experience sustainable long term success.

In this webinar, Joe Payne and Chris Rodriguez from LeadGenius share their insider tactics on how they have been able to define a data driven sales and marketing powerhouse team!


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What you'll learn

  • Building an audience profile to match the capabilities of your CRM and marketing automation software
  • Coordinating marketing and sales communications and reporting on different platforms
  • The importance of Data quality and analysis to speed up your sales cycle
  • Best Practices on Reporting, Lead Generation, and A/B Testing

Meet the Panelists

Chris Rodriguez

Demand Generation Manager at LeadGenius

Joe Payne

Outbound Lead Generation Manager at LeadGenius

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO at  Sales Hacker

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