Sales Automation: Cliché Buzzword or Your Secret Weapon to Growth

Automation: a software category or a revenue mindset?

60% of sales pros are wasting more than 3 hours per week with repetitive tasks like lead deduplication, manually uploading lead lists, manual lead assignment, and more. 

As a result, sales operations leaders are undergoing a fundamental shift from applications to an automation-first mindset.

In this replay, learn from operations leaders at Reddit, Outreach, and Tray.io about how automation has fundamentally transformed their approach to sales operations and how it is delivering ROI to organizations of all sizes.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why an automation-first mindset for sales ops teams is critical for success in 2021
  • Is this a RevOps responsibility? A Sales Ops function? Something else?
  • How automation enables sales operations leaders to be more strategic
  • How leaders at Reddit, Outreach, and Tray.io moved to an automation-first mindset

Meet The Speakers

Halbert Luong

Jamie Caldwell

Catherine Watkins

Audrey Strohm

Sr. Director, Sales/Success Strategy & Operations


Manager, Sales and Marketing Infrastructure


Manager, Revenue Operations


Community Manager


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