How to Build a Data-Driven Sales Coaching Culture That Sticks


How do leaders at high-growth SaaS companies hire and scale faster?

They’ve created a true, data-driven sales coaching culture. 

Sales, Enablement, & RevOps Leaders: We’re going to help you do the same.

Dave Kennett (Founder & CEO of Replayz) and Karen Kelly and Keith Abramson (Replayz Coaches + accomplished Sales Leaders) shared to us actionable ideas and tips to supercharge your enablement efforts. 

This masterclass replay is a must-see for all the sales reps looking to improve their disco/ demo game.

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What You'll Learn

  • How leaders of top high growth SaaS companies use data and science to hire better & faster at scale
  • How to maximize call coaching effectiveness with your internal resources
  • Key insights on what skills separate the sales reps at the top of the leaderboard from the rest of the pack
  • Learn what the Replayz Insights Data tells us about what happened on deals that were closed/won vs deals that didn’t advance past the first call

Meet The Speakers

Dave Kennett

Keith Abramson

Karen Kelly

Founder & CEO


VP of Sales



K2 Performance Consulting

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