I’ll be blunt. Today’s buyers don’t care about your sales process. They care if and how you are offering them the solution to their business challenge. BUT...it’s not as simple as merely offering a great product and executing a sales process.

You have to be alongside your buyer throughout the entire buying process, ready to lend a helping hand at each and every stage. You are their tour guide, recommender, and trusted advisor on their path to purchase.

In this webinar replay, Drift’s Mark Kilens and Brendan McManus showed us how to use live chat to have better conversations and create a buyer journey that is actually about...well...the buyer.

How to 10X Your Sales Development Team’s Productivity


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What You'll Learn

  • How to introduce live chat to your sales team
  • How to analyze good and bad sales conversations
  • How to coach your team to have better conversations with buyers
  • How to align your sales development representatives (SDR) with account executives and your marketing team

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community


Brendan McManus

Manager, Account Management


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