3E’s of Platform Cohesion: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Empowerment


After implementing, onboarding and working with hundreds of clients on aligning their Outreach instances to drive revenue efficiency, the Outbound Funnel team is sitting down with SalesHacker to share key concepts on how to make sure your investment in Sales Engagement Platform delivers on its ROI.

The founders dived into 3 areas to explore how to generate efficiency from your sales tech stack, improve your sales team effectiveness and empower your sales team to drive higher productivity.

You'll learn:

  • How to avoid 7 inefficiency pitfalls after implemented a sales engagement platform
  • Aligning your systems of action, to customer end-to-end journey to revenue 
  • Sales acceleration through systems integration
  • Generating actionable insight through cross-platform reporting

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Meet the Speakers

Curtis Ropp

Benjamin McWilliams


Outbound Funnel


Outbound Funnel

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