That sales culture trumps strategy is not new. But can the culture of a sales team be based on “happiness”? How do catch-phrases like “work hard, play hard” impact the culture of the sales team? And does a happy sales team even lead to great performance?

These are the questions we set out to answer when we commissioned Harvard Business Review (HBR) to study the impact of a happy sales culture on business outcomes, metrics such as sales productivity and performance. The results break some long-standing myths.

The Link between Sales Happiness, Performance and Technology


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What You'll Learn

  • What are the foundations for building a happy sales culture?
  • By what degree does culture impact sales performance?
  • How does sales technology impact the happiness of a sales team? And by how much?
  • What can sales leaders do to ensure their technology investments align with the needs of the sales team?

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Marivic Becker

Senior Sales Leader


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