Sales moves fast. Training an ever-growing team to perform at high-level is a challenge. With limited time and energy, sales leaders need to focus on a few key behaviors that maximize their impact on their team’s bottom-line.

Join Justin Fite and Max Altschuler for an engaging discussion about leading a rapidly-growing, fast-paced sales organization. With years of sales leadership experience in high-growth companies (ExactTarget, Salesforce, IBM, and more), Fite will discuss the challenges of scaling a high-performance sales team. He also shares Lessonly’s three-point methodology for sales team improvement—a process refined through partnership with hundreds of sales leaders and their teams.

During the Q&A, get feedback on the challenges that your growing sales org faces every day and actual steps to improve your sales team today. We hope you’ll join us.

3 Keys to Winning as a High-Growth Sales Org


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What You'll Learn

  • Learn the tools and systems needed for sales employees to succeed and thrive in fast-paced sales environments.
  • Practice areas of weakness and strength by reviewing outcomes and developing processes for improvement.
  • Perform at higher levels with a faster, more effective team. Drive new business, higher ACV, the bottom line, and most of all—your sales team’s skills.

Meet The Speakers

Chief Sales Officer


Justin Fite

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO

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