Unlock Your Sales “Secret Weapon”: Transparency & Gratitude


Get ready for a scary statistic (... you may want to sit down for this one). Only three percent of strangers trust sales reps on first contact (reference). 

As a salesperson, what steps can you take to break down that barrier of mistrust to form lasting relationships with your prospects and move more of your opportunities to “closed-won”?

In this webinar, we were joined by Todd Caponi, award-winning author of The Transparency Sale, and Thnks’ CEO & Co-Founder Brandan Kamm, to discuss how leading with transparency & gratitude speeds up sales cycles, reduces friction for your buyers, and enables you to sell “without selling your soul”.

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What You'll Learn

  • Tips & tricks to deliver value to your prospects from day one
  • 3 tactical steps to incorporate transparency throughout your sales cycle
  • The science of your buyer’s decision making process
  • Why empathy & gratitude are a salesperson’s “secret weapon”

Meet The Speakers

Brendan Kamm

Todd Caponi

Eddie Beqaj



Founder, Speaker, Author

The Transparency Sale

Senior Enterprise 

Account Executive


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