Great prospecting is like a bird-call. A pattern you repeat until you find your opportunity.

Call, email, LinkedIn message, call, call, follow-up email…

Some sequences stand out like a peacock, but most sales teams use the same, boring patterns. So how can you open an opportunity when you do the same thing as everyone else?

Becc Holland has transformed Sales Development at G2 and Chorus, and she’s got so many new ideas that she’s not afraid to share her best.

In this webinar, we've learned 7 of her most recent sequences that have Chorus booking high-quality meetings at blinding speed.

7 Sales Sequences Nobody Uses to Book More Meetings (But You Should)


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What You'll Learn

  • Unexpected events you should use as triggers to start sequences
  • How to make your outreach personalized and relevant at scale
  • Ways to boost reply rates and book more meetings

Meet The Speakers

Becc Holland

Head of Sales Development

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

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