The SDR & Sales KPIs That Show Your Company is a Rocketship

(and how to report the data to the Board)


2020 has been the year where technology has risen to the forefront. In a recent Crunchbase article, they stated that "More than half of all $1B unicorn valuations in the last decade happened in the last 3 years."

Tech companies have skyrocketed their growth with remote-everything. The valuations are through the roof. 

The real question now is, how can you replicate their success? How do you set up a remote SDR and Sales team that can consistently hit the growth metrics that turn your company into a rocketship too?

Tito Bohrt, the CEO and Founder of AltiSales, tackled how to understand your client acquisition costs across channels, and how to troubleshoot your SDR and Sales teams in 2021.

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