Sales Enablement: Your Secret Weapon to Building a World-Class Sales Team


For many years (and well-intentioned efforts) sales teams have struggled to recruit, retain and grow talent. 

While there are many hurdles to overcome when building sales teams, organizations too often underutilize the power of their sales enablement team. With the help of enablement, sales leaders and managers can differentiate their company during the hiring process by showing a commitment to the growth of their team members and careers.  

Check this replay to learn how your enablement team can be your secret weapon to recruit and retain top talent.

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What You'll Learn

  • How sales enablement can be a differentiator during the hiring process
  • How to connect employees across locations to build a sense of community
  • How enablement can create internal career paths
  • Moving beyond one and done sales training to methods of continuous learning

Meet The Speakers

Christopher Cater

Brooke Bachesta

Donald C Kelly

Manager, Customer Success


Sales Development Enablement Manager


Founder and The Chief Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist

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