3 Secrets to Speeding Up Your Buying Cycle (Insights from Sending 570K Proposals)


It’s time we take an honest look at the relationship that strong proposals have on a buyer’s decision-making process. 

After analyzing nearly 570,000 proposals sent in 2021 (from companies of all sizes), PandaDoc has learned what works, and what doesn’t, in composing a winning proposal. 

in this replay, Quincy Berg (Enterprise AE at PandaDoc) and Roberto Carrero (Enterprise AE at Sapper Consulting) dived into 3 key features to wow your customers and win their business (a proposal is much more than just capturing that e-signature).

You'll learn:

  • How the buyer experience has evolved 
  • Ways to control your proposal process
  • How to structure your proposal to speed up/positively influence your buyer’s decision-making process.

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Meet the Speakers

Quincy Berg

Roberto Carrero

Enterprise AE


Enterprise AE

Sapper Consulting

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