Do you feel like the strategies you’re using to reach out to prospects aren’t as effective as they could be? Nearly every SDR, Account Executive and Sales Manager is looking for a more effective outreach strategy that will yield more conversations but what would that strategy look like?

How many phone calls should I be making? Should I always leave a voicemail? Is social media an effective method of reaching my prospects? Am I sending too many emails? Which outreach method is most likely to get me a conversation?

Watch the replay of this webinar with Gabe Larsen of InsideSales and Richard Harris of Sales Hacker to get answers to all your questions with data that shows which strategies work and which don’t. With over 100k phone calls and 500k email & social touches analyzed you’ll be equipped with a strategy that works for your role and your target buyer.

Seven Sales Sequence Templates to Double 

Your Contact Rates in 20 Days


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What you'll learn

  • The true definition of sequence and a number of examples you can apply to your own sales process

  • Tried and tested persona-based sequence best practices
  • Which modern technologies and methodologies will help you build the right sequences

Director of InsideSales Labs


Meet the Speakers

Gabe Larsen

Director of Sales Training

and Consulting Services

Sales Hacker

Richard Harris

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