State of Sales Enablement: Everything You Need To Know for 2022


2021 was an active year in the sales enablement world:

Cutting-edge technologies like conversation intelligence and digital sales rooms are changing the way sellers learn and sell. And the formerly separate categories of sales readiness and sales content management continue to consolidate.

Above all, one undeniable trend is the increasing importance of sales enablement to modern orgs. Recent research from Allego shows that companies with an established sales enablement program are 10X more likely to consistently hit their revenue goals.

In this replay, we were joined by Jonathan Carlson and Whitney Sieck to guide us through the most important trends shaping Sales Enablement heading into 2022.

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What You'll Learn

  • What’s driving the technology consolidation in Sales Enablement and what it means for you
  • How to train for virtual selling and facilitate the modern buyer’s journey
  • Ways to maximize hybrid team connectivity and knowledge-sharing
  • How artificial intelligence can amplify and enhance the human effort around coaching, learning, and selling

Meet The Speakers

Jonathan Carlson

Whitney Sieck

Mark Moshofsky

Sr. Director of Marketing


Sr. Director of Revenue Enablement


Sales Development Leader


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