7 Steps to a GREAT Cold Call & 4 Pattern Interrupts You’ve Never Heard Before

We’ll open this session with Cold Calling.


Done to death, we know... But never like this. :)


We’ll strip it down: Make it different, visceral & real. 


And provide a structure to a call that keeps the conversation tracking, but still allows for creativity, personalization, moxie & style... Without leaving you void of a plan.


In this replay, Becc Holland will show the art & science, personalization & relevance, technique & creativity, and structure & going with the flow, to have an impactful, relevant & memorable conversation with your prospects that will leave them wanting more!

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What You'll Learn

  • 7 Steps to have a highly-effective cold call.
  • How to prevent prospects from hanging up on you.
  • How to have an impactful conversation contextualized to your prospects, personalized, and above all, relevant so they will WANT to take the next call with you to dive deeper.
  • How to ask GREAT questions that prove credibility & build rapport with your prospects in tandem.
  • What to do when they “bully” you up front on the call with questions. (Ex. Is this a sales call? WHO IS THIS? Are you the company that competes with ___? What’s your pricing?)


Becc Holland

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