Stop Cold Calling: Get the One-Call Meeting


Sales teams struggle to get a consistent stream of qualified leads in the pipe and consistently score meetings with decision-makers. But picture a world where you’ll only talk to people who want to talk to you, get meetings with one call, and collapse your prospecting time.

That's the world of referral sales. Turning referrals from “happenstance” to "happening all the time" drives revenue like no other channel.

Whether you make cold calls now or not, leverage the power of your referral network and hit your sales numbers without hitting the phones—with less sweat and results you can bank on.

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What You'll Learn

  • How a referral introduction gets you every meeting in one call (Yep, no such thing as 8-to-15 attempts)
  • Why referrals ace-out your competition and position you as the market leader every time
  • How referrals convert your prospects to clients well more than 50% of the time (Most say more than 70%)
  • The 3 steps to build a referral culture that drives revenue (It’s simple, but it’s not easy)

Meet The Speakers

Joanne Black

Colin Campbell


No More Cold Calling

Director of Marketing

Sales Hacker

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