Great selling today is something of an art form. Salespeople need to be able to tell a story, align that story with the one happening in their prospect's head, and paint a picture of a life post-purchase that compels their prospect to buy. That is a skill on its own.

But this skill alone is not enough to close deals. It's only when you combine your art with a scientific formula that you suddenly possess the most powerful and compelling sales pitch imaginable.

In this session, Michael Pici, HubSpot's Director of Sales, will teach you the art and science of the perfect sales pitch that is guaranteed to close more deals for your business.

The Art and Science of the Perfect Sales Pitch


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What you'll learn

  • Extracting the right info from your prospect
  • Creating intrigue in your company and solution
  • Positioning your solution as the answer to all their problems
  • Closing the deal

Meet the Speakers

Founder & CEO 

Sales Hacker

Max Altschuler

Michael Pici

Director of Sales




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