RESEARCH REVEAL: Top Mistakes Causing Revenue Teams To Waste Valuable Leads in 2022


We surveyed 1,700+ B2B Sales, Marketing & Ops professionals and learned that 1-IN-5 said lack of automation was one of their top GTM challenges of 2021

(Aren’t we supposed to be moving towards increased automated processes?)

In Dec 2021, LeanData partnered up with Heinz Marketing, Sales Hacker, and Outreach to learn how B2B professionals are managing their leads for success, and the challenges they have faced driving revenue.

Want to find out what this means for B2B in 2022, and see what else we learned? 

Check this EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH REVEAL we had with these experts who created the survey:

— Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing)

— Mary Shea (Outreach’s Global Innovation Evangelist and former Forester Analyst) 

— Doug Bell (Chief Marketing Officer at LeanData)

Get a closer look at the research findings.

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What You'll Learn

  • The top-5 GTM challenges companies faced in 2021
  • The state of Sales and Marketing alignment in B2B organizations
  • How Sales, Marketing & Ops professionals manage leads to hit revenue goals
  • The 5 GTM priorities of B2B professionals in 2022

Meet The Speakers

Matt Heinz

Mary Shea

Doug Bell


Heinz Marketing

Global Innovation Evangelist

 & former Forester Analyst


Chief of Marketing


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