Transitioning To An Account Based Selling Model

By considering an individual prospect to be an entire market of its own, sales teams are achieving hyper-focus on their key accounts and winning them over with specialized tactics. 

Watch this recording and learn the key tactics used in account based selling and how to implement them across your team and CRM environment.


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What you'll learn

  • What is "Account Based Selling" and how is that different from Account Based Marketing?
  • What are the key tactics teams are using in Account Based Selling
  • Transitioning to Account Based Selling in Salesforce
  • How inbound and outbound SDR teams work together in an Account Based Selling model

Meet the Panelists

Don Otvos

VP of Inside Sales and Sales Operations at


David Belove

VP Sales Operations & Productivity at


Jason Vargas

Managing Director Outbound Sales at Datanyze

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO at  Sales Hacker

Tonni Bennett

Director of Sales at Terminus

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