Have you ever noticed that many of the best salespeople seem to know some sort of secret to success? What is the magic power that separates top performers from the middle of the pack?

We believe a big part of it is a deeper understanding of and alignment with marketing. Top sales reps get how things are sold from the very top of the funnel all the way down - not just what happens after a meeting is booked.

Watch the replay of this webinar to learn the surprisingly simple marketing tricks and tactics behind the success of top sales reps.

Powerful Tricks Every Salesperson Should Steal from Marketers


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What You'll Learn

  • The three biggest tricks marketers use that salespeople should steal
  • What causes the marketing/sales divide and why it needs to die
  • How salespeople can make their marketing teams more effective without much effort (hint: alignment)

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Heidi Bullock



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