How the Best Sales Managers Turn Data > Insight > Actions


“I have all the sales insights I’ll ever need and I can use them to easily manage pipeline, people and forecast with confidence.”

...said no sales leader ever.

But you know what sales leaders do say?

71% say, “I wish I could prioritize deals based on accurate chances of winning.”

26% say, “I have difficulty measuring coaching results.”

We've talked with some experts about how we connect the dots and go from helping reps manage deals to managing your entire pipeline using data and insights.

In this replay, Kevin Dorsey (PatientPop), Gal Steinberg (RevenueGrid), and Mary Shea (Outreach), joined us in an in-depth conversation about how top-performing sales teams separate the signal from the noise and distill it into control over their pipeline.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why not all sales data is created equal
  • What’s the correlation between your sales model and the data you collect
  • How data can be translated into insight
  • How Sales Managers can actually use data to close deals

Meet The Speakers

Mary Shea

Kevin Dorsey

Gal Steinberg

Katie Ray

VP, Global Innovation Evangelist


VP of Inside Sales


VP Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Revenue Grid

Community Engagement Manager

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