30 days in 30 minutes: Stories from Experts to Turn Your Demos into Revenue

July 7th, 2022 – 11:00 AM PST

Fresh off his West Coast Storytelling Tour, Nick Capozzi, Demostack’s Head of Storytelling, has spent the last 30 days on a quest to find out how the best and the brightest in sales utilize storytelling. 

Nick shares real-life tactics and examples of how top sales leaders use storytelling to improve team performance, drive revenue, and strengthen the buyer-seller connection. 

Master your story > improve your demos > win more deals. 

  • Drive better sales numbers with these 3 tips for sales leaders 
  • Uncover top actionable sales trends right now
  • Build the seller/buyer connection through storytelling
  • Upskill your best practices to set the stage for your stories to make an impact and achieve success

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You'll learn:

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Meet Nick Capozzi 

"A great story pulls the prospect to the product."

Nick Capozzi is the Head of Storytelling at Demostack and Founder of SalesPitching.

A 2x's Top 10 LinkedIn Sales Superstar who went on a 30-day road trip across the western US talking to the best and brightest in sales.

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