The 5 Types of Videos You Need to be Using in Your Sales Process Right Now


Using video in sales conversations increased 93% last year. 2021 will be the year video goes from test to invest for most sales teams. But what does that mean for you in your role? 

In this session, we were joined by Vidyard's Chief Video Strategist, Tyler Lessard, and Melissa Murillo, Director of Sales Development at Spirion, to highlight what types of video you need to be creating at every stage of your sales cycle. 

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What You'll Learn

You'll learn best practices for creating and when to use these five essential types of video:

  • Video for prospecting
  • Pre- and post- meeting videos
  • FAQs and objection handlers
  • Custom walkthroughs and demos
  • Proposal videos

Meet The Speakers

Tyler Lessard

Melissa Murillo

Katie Ray

VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist


Director of Sales Development


Community Engagement Manager

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